Hello Octopress

I started a blog with Wordpress five years ago with the idea of sharing my travels as a developer, geek, technologist, etc. The blog has had more than 50,000 visits over the last five years, if you are one of them reading this post, thank you for visiting my blog.

After five years of using Wordpress as the blog engine and Akismet for keeping the spammers away, I wanted to try Octopress after seeing all the cool blogs using it and Github Pages to host themselves. For programmers/developer/hackers who are always near a Mac or a PC, Octopress provides a lot of power in the hands of the author. Two commands below are enough to publish a blog post –

$ rake generate
$ rake deploy

The only drawback I see with this workflow is the risk of publishing a post that is not yet ready for general consumption. For now, I have modified the Rakefile to include a line with published: false in the new_post template.

In the next post, I will be listing a bunch of links to resources I found very useful in setting up this blog. I hope with this new blogging platform, I should be able to post more frequently than I have in the last five years.